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Components for industrial 3D printers

MISUMI offers an extensive range of components for industrial 3D printers. The online shop offers the option of configuring a large number of components exactly according to design specifications.

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Discover MISUMI components in the 3D printer “C1” by CR-3D on your own


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A 3D printer (FFF) for high demands: The C1 from CR-3D impresses with its compact design and maximum printing speed. In addition, the CoreXY MotionSystem ensures a high level of precision thanks to the low-movement mass and low-vibration movements of the dual printhead. With the Bowden extruder system, an additional weight reduction of the print head was achieved.

The user interface with 7" display in particular impresses with its intuitive operation, easy setup and provides detailed status information to the user. Equipped with a filament sensor and automatic pre-print bed measurement, the C1 ensures high process reliability and reliability. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Included MISUMI components

Miniature Linear Guides
  • Freely selectable rail length
  • Selectable number of guide carriages
  • Selectable lubrication
Ball Screw
  • Screw diameter from 6 to 32 mm and lead from 1 to 32
  • 4 accuracy grade from C10 to C3 (with preload)
  • Dedicated units for support and fixed side
Linear Shafts
  • Endforms selectable
  • Surface treatment possible
  • Diamter from 3 - 100 mm
Timing Belts & Pulleys
  • Selectable belt width
  • Number of teeth selectable
  • Selectable belt version
  • Selectable tensile cord material
Ball Bearings
  • Internal and external diameter freely selectable
  • Different precision class available
  • More than 19 manufacturers in the range
Cable Carriers / Energy Chains
  • 3 different types available
  • Widths from 5 - 250 mm
  • Operating speed from 1 - 10 m/s
Knurled Nuts
  • Nominal size available from M3 - M24
  • Surface treatment possible
  • Selectable material
Rubber Bumpers
  • Selectable hardness
  • Freely selectable dimensions
  • With or without through-hole
Aluminum Extrusions
  • 5 different extrusion series with more than 50 size
  • Configurable length from 50 to 4000 mm
  • Different aluminum alloys already with surface treatment

CR-3D: The engineering firm trusted by global corporations

Huge variety based on a modular system: With this unique concept, CR-3D has developed into one of the most sought-after German providers of industrial 3D printers. To provide this service, the full-service provider requires a large number of quickly available components. 

Ingenieurbüro Christian Reil is at home in the fields of mechatronics, special machine construction and automation technology. Christian Reil’s special “mission” is, however, additive manufacturing. The engineer has been involved in 3D printing projects since his time at university. He started out in the automotive industry and set up his own business in 2017. Today, his company CR-3D is one of the few German manufacturers of industrial 3D printers. Global corporations such as Siemens and Infineon rely on his systems.


"I want to help make 3D printing one of the defining technologies in industry.

Additive manufacturing should be used in all companies."

Christian Reil, Managing Director CR-3D

Christian Reil
Assembly at CR-3D

The high-performance 3D printing systems are based on a sophisticated modular system. Reil designs a variety of 3D printers with four standardised housings. The highlight: There is an enormous range of print heads that can be docked on all 3D printers via a quick-change system. For example, users can carry out filament and liquid printing on the same device. This turns the 3D printer into an additive machine tool. Thanks to this wealth of variants, Reil's systems are used in all relevant industries – whether in the dental sector, aerospace, medical technology, or the automotive industry.

Diversity is also a key element in the engineering firm’s services. Christian Reil covers the entire value chain of additive manufacturing, from 3D scanning, reverse engineering and design to job order production and quality assurance. The engineer even develops some materials himself, such as conductive filaments and high-temperature plastics, and processes them on his own systems.

Special components for unique 3D printers

A large selection of 3D printing systems on this scale requires a reliable partner for machine components that can supply as many components as necessary. Especially since CR-3D also implements special customer requirements with its internal special machine construction. For example, extremely long profile rails are sometimes required for very large 3D printers. Such components are difficult to find. Christian Reil found the desired support at MISUMI. In addition to the extensive portfolio of special components, which go far beyond simple linear technology, the engineer is particularly impressed by the simple online configuration of the components. This eliminates the traditional procurement process, including drawing creation and coordination with the provider, which saves a lot of time.


"Our modular system for 3D printers and MISUMI’s modular system of machine components – fit together like two pieces of a puzzle."

Christian Reil, Managing Director CR-3D

Wide format printer I65X-MI
MISUMI-components in the 3D-printer „C1“ from CR-3D

Further growth thanks to series production

Starting as a one-man show, CR-3D has developed into a sought-after and steadily growing provider of industrial 3D printing systems. MISUMI components are used in each of its 3D printers. This is likely to expand in the future, as Christian Reil plans to increasingly switch to series production with automated printer farms. This means that small components in particular can run automatically overnight in several print jobs, thus increasing the system’s capacity utilisation even further. Process reliability is one of the most important factors and is a matter of course at CR-3D.

Configure your part the way you need it

In the MISUMI online shop, product detail pages offer the possibility to configure components exactly according to design specifications in 0.01mm increments. Designers can specify many parameters, such as material, surface treatment or dimension, and many more. Once the component is configured and the globally recognized part number is generated, CAD data can be downloaded and price as well as lead time information are displayed.

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