Shaft supports

MISUMI offers you a large portfolio of shaft supports. MISUMI shaft supports are available as machined or precision cast parts. Precision cast parts are offered at lower prices as compared to machined parts. Precision cast parts have a slightly grainy surface. However, they are manufactured to the exact dimensions that are mentioned in the catalogue.

Configurable shaft supports from MISUMI

MISUMI shaft supports convince with quality and precision. With regard to their designs, there is a lot of place to adapt the shaft supports to the individual application.

The shape of the shaft holder can be selected as one of many components. There is a selection between a flange design, T and L design, a block shape and a round design. Furthermore, in the attachment configuration, you can choose between several variants: a fastening screw, lateral slit clamping, a design with a hinge and a slit and two-piece attachment configuration. The drill diameter can be scaled between value 3 and 50. The material of the shaft holder can also be selected. Here, these is a choice between steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The surface of the shaft holder can be treated upon request, whether with a black finish, chemically nickel-plated, black anodized or clearly anodized. In addition to the standard, the features of the flange type include a selection between a long sleeve, assembly from the rear and a design with a groove. The assembly method is based on the block design and describes either counter sunk drilling of the upper area, a lateral through hole or a lower threaded hole. Furthermore, with regard to the flange type, the wall thickness can also be determined, which, in addition to the standard, allows for a thick-walled design. Furthermore, a dowel hole and a clamping lever can be added to the scope of delivery upon request.

Shaft in the mechanics

A shaft is a rod-shaped machine element, which is used to transfer torques and rotations. Compared to axes that merely benefit from a load-bearing function or bearing function, a shaft transfers a torque.

MISUMI shaft supports

MISUMI shaft supports can be delivered as a machined design and cast construction. The cast products are offered at a lower price than machined products. Precision casting shaft supports have a slight deformation bevel and a grainy surface, however, they are processed to the exact dimensions stated in the catalogue.

Video - Introduction to shaft supports

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